Did you know that 70% of our training results come from a correct nutrition?

There are several myths about the right food to eat before training, mas it is always good to remember that an empty sack cannot stand upright. It is not a healthy practice to perform physical activities without feeding […]

Know the history of the belt system in Martial Arts

Did you know that in the old times the color belts were not part of the tradition of martial arts? In Ancient China, when some of the martial arts appeared, students did not use any symbols to denote […]

Weightlifting x Functional training: how to choose the ideal exercise?

If you disembarked for a journey through time, straight from the 80s, you surely would be surprised with this phenomenon called functional training. The mode of exercise, which generates 2.5 million results in a quick search on the […]

Can women also train heavy?

The desired body by men and women has changed over the years. Centuries ago, most chubby people were considered those who had the most dreamed and desired body. At the end of the last century, was extremely slender […]

Quote of the day

For many the ground is the end, for us it is the beginning. Royce Graice

All you need to know about crossfit

The CrossFit  is a strength and overall fitness program based on functional movements done at high intensity and constantly varied training. Usually these movements happens in three different types: Olympic lifting, gymnastics and metabolic or cardio conditioning. The CrossFit method […]

5 facts about MMA that no one knows

1 The MMA has strict safety rules A common misconception about MMA is that it anything  would be allowed, probably due to the early days of MMA, as well as other less regulated sports world of martial arts. […]

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What you know has no value; the value is what you do with what you know. Bruce Lee