About Naja Extreme

Lately fighting, as a sport, has become one of the entertainment preferences of the Brazilian public. Along with the growth of fight lovers several Brazilian fight wear brands started to appear in the domestic market, and Naja Extreme became a reference to those brands.

Accumulating fans day by day, Naja reached presence in various sectors of the market and started working with licensing, thus started manufacturing different products, from flip-flops to cosmetics.

With the arrival of the XFC in Brazil, Naja Extreme became the official sponsor of the event along with ” REDETV! ” and so secured itself the presence in one of the most important events in the world, Xtreme Fighting Championships MMA.

Kimonos, gloves, fight wear and performance materials are examples of products launched by Naja Extreme in Brazil.

Our Mission

“To be the first in the mind and heart of the fighters

Be licensed

We are brokered by
IsPartner Associate Agents
www.ispartner.com.br •  comercial@ispartner.com.br
Tel .: (11) 4105-6393 • Cel .: (11) 98584-1407 (Luciana Vitorino)

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